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Aieslum.net Dev Blog

While Progress has been slow as of the past few years due to University, Work, and other responsibilities, we finally have more to show, rather than just long text files and artwork!
We finally have something that sort of works, and what will someday be a fully programmed, visually appealing game for anyone who enjoys fighting games, sci fi, and/or real time strategy.

Alpha version 0.1 will have three playable hero characters, and one weaker “generic thug” character, of which there will be an annoying amount, many with different weapons, as well as three weapons, and one “Arena” stage for testing.

Basic instructions – Special moves will have input commands on release

Since we’re a small indie company with no income, we’ll be using stock 3d models as we update the game, until we can afford some neat 3d models.

Features implemented and demonstrated:
Movement, Jump, Attack, Targeting System, Weapon Equipment