Request and Event art

Insomnium-Eye will frequently ask their fans and followers what they’d like us to draw, and if their requests meet a certain criteria (Such as, but not limited to their comment receiving the most likes on Facebook), we draw it!

Given that some of these requests contain copyrighted content, each third party property will be credited for their intellectual property.

Want to have your request drawn? Participate on our posts over on our Facebook Page!

Sketch Request Saturday

Weekly event in which Insomnium-Eye asks our followers for what they’d like drawn. Whichever comment get’s the most likes results in their request being drawn. Because this is the internet, we get some pretty bizarre and hilarious results.
This event is currently on hiatus and is expected to make a comeback in the near future.


Like Sketch Request Saturday, Insomnium-Eye would draw whichever comment happened to be the most popular, but the difference was that not only were these in full-color, they were usually fan-art for existing properties!
This even it’s currently on hiatus and there are no plans to revive this event unless requested.


Current social media event, Insomnium-Eye asks a question which is later answered by it’s followers, the answers are randomized, and whichever is picked is drawn by one of Insomnium-Eye’s artists!
As of June 8th, 2017 this even is active!