Idyll Haven – Prologue

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A strange dream awakens an ancient soul, who sees a familiar sight.



Hero Fighter Origins

Hero Fighter Origins is the result of a partnership between Martial Studios and Insomnium-Eye. The web-manga’s purpose was to promote the game via it’s character’s lore and origins. Sadly, due to complications within Insomnium-Eye, the project was put on hold until further notice.

Hero Fighter is based off the online game of the same name, which can be played here.

Hero Fighter © Marti Wong
Artwork by Edward Echavez
Written by David G Piper




Idyll Haven- Chapter I

Introduction to Rineris and Reyinumata, the Scavenger duo who receive a literal and figurative wake-up call for a chance of fortune.

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© Insomnium-Eye


Fan Art: Rineris as a duck!

We were surprised when Harry Waters (Who has worked with us in the past, and still does!) sent us this rendition of Idyll Haven’s Rineris, but with a feathery twist!
We present you: Rineris, in duck format!


Profile: Reyinumata

Reyinumata is firstly Rineris’s romantic partner, and second her Scavenger partner. While both Rineris and Reyinumata are of a low rank within the Scavenger community, they’ve never been shy to tackle missions or assignments that were deemed dangerous to most.

He speaks little to those outside his circle of friends and family, and confides mostly with Rineris. He’s somewhat jealous when it comes to Rineris’s friendships with other men.

Despite how romance between a Scavenger duo is seen as slightly taboo, he and Rineris do everything together, within and beyond their career as scavengers.


Fan Art: Rineris by Emmy Toyonaga

Emmy Toyonaga is an artist from Seattle with an impressive portfolio in the games industry, so we’re very much flattered that she’s send us this amazing piece of fan-art for Idyll Haven’s Rineris. She’s currently working on “Project Rakuen“, a game with some very interesting elements.  Make sure to check it out!

We’re honored to have this piece featured on Insomnium-Eye. Thanks, Emmy!


Idyll Haven- Chapter 2

Friendly faces reunite, and a departure to an unknown land is set.

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Oi Renka has provided us with many pieces of fan art, so we’ve decided to feature him!

Oi Renka is a talented artist who’s been supporting our projects, and has therefore contributed to Insomnium-Eye’s growth!
Here are some of his other works!


Idyll Haven- Specialist No. 30

The Korishi-Ya’s Specialist are a special kind of Sarpanian. The type that often is cunning, powerful, deadly, and comes with a very heavy price tag.

However, every now and then one might come along that’s a bit… special.

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Idyll Haven- Withered Skies

An imposing threat looms for all who dare to come close to the verboten continent of Peaken, threats range from unpredictable weather, to pirates of various allegiances.
One of the oldest factions, the Desert Roses, has not only gotten a bad reputation from the mighty nation of Alphinus, but also, from the feared pirate and her Legion, Naiumda.


Idyll Haven – Chapter III

During a long, lengthy flight, Lin’Fan’s ship attracts some unwanted attention. A band of pirates have been stalking their potential prey, and have decided to strike.

Lin’Fan & Co. aren’t going to go down without a fight, however.

Progress – FIRST DRAFT! Pages are subject to change!