The Insomnium-Eye Network

It’s good to be well connected! Isn’t always nice to be able to say “I know someone who can do that!”?

Insomnium-Eye is, at it’s core, a network of talented artists, writers, programmers, musicians,  and voice actors who help each-other out when it comes to networking and career building. Our core philosophy is that the creatively inclined need to get paid, and the best way to have a good job is to know which jobs to take, and which to avoid. It’s about who you know!

Please note that we are a CLOSED network, and some of our information may not be public.

If you wish to join the Insomnium-Eye network, please, contact us! Please do not ask to join if you do not have artistic or programming skills.

NOTE: Our private social network is in it’s infancy and currently only has private profiles and a forum. As time goes by we will be adding more features.

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Our Network: 

David G. Piper – Founder, Writer, Coder

David GonÇalves – Coder, Administrator

Edward Echavez – Artist, Designer

Harry Waters – Artist, Designer



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