David G. Piper

David G. Piper

Founder, Writer, Community Manager, Project Manger, Artist Wrangler, Admin, Content Creator, Designer

I grew up travelling, reading books & comics, playing video games, and watching movies. For some reason, not only was I fascinated with the content being presented, but also but with the people responsible for their creation.

I remember reading through the credits, and later looking their names up on-line whenever I had the chance. At some point in my childhood I thought to myself: “I want to be like this person!” And so, a new journey began for me.

The journey? To found a studio that tells stories across various genres and mediums. This is something I’ve held on to for a very long time, and it’s not something I’ll be letting go of any time soon.

Location: Vancouver, BC
Hero Fighter Origins (Writer, Producer)
Monday Comics (Writer, Producer)
Idyll Haven (Writer, Designer, Producer)

Been with us since: 2011

Websites & portfolios:
Contact: davidG@insomnium-eye.com

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