Harry Waters

Harry Waters

Concept Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

I’ve been a naturally-gifted artist since I was about 5 or so. With this talent, I knew that my profession would be in the arts. I’ve graduated Georgia Southern University with a cum laude in my class and I maintain a high standard in my work. Being discovered by David Piper in 2013 was a great honor, and is a huge pleasure working with him and Insomnium Eye.

Being a fan of video games, comic books, and artbooks in general, they’ve all provided me with immense amounts of creative resources to draw upon my own creative uniqueness. It’s a mesh of Eastern and Western art styles and it’s hard to pinpoint it in any way. Before Insomnium Eye, I’ve worked on several projects including a Mega Man fangame (which never came to be) as I was the concept artist and did several stage graphics. Currently I do work with Insomnium Eye as a concept artist and I also freelance doing flyer designs and other works related.

Location: Statesboro, GA USA
Fatal Rebellion (Concept Artist, Designer)
Super Secret Game Project (Concept Artist, Designer)

Websites & Portfolios:

Been with us since: 2013

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