Store is LIVE, unfortunate delays.

Store is LIVE, unfortunate delays.

We finally decided to start selling merchandise! We decided to start with some Sketch-Request Saturday content, given it’s our most popular. We’ll be moving on to other Intellectual Properties in the near future!

Now on to, uh, less positive news.

Due to a change in our finances, we will no longer be able to produce one page per week for Idyll Haven, and will sadly have to move on to producing one every two weeks. This will sadly slow producing down, but worry not, as we’re not giving up just yet. If you’d like to support us in order to produce one page per week, please consider visiting our merch store mentioned above, or by checking us out on Patreon.

All donations will go towards the production of Idyll Haven, and other Insomnium-Eye related content.


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