Network system, reques-fest, publishers, and apologies.

Network system, reques-fest, publishers, and apologies.

It’s been a while! We apologize for not posting, but, we’ve been busy!

After much consideration, we’ve decided to create a closed network system into Insomnium-Eye, for artists and programmers who work within the games, animation, and comic industries. We’ll be seeing these systems be implemented in the near future.

We’ve also been posting some artwork from some of our old and new recruits on our Facebook page, we’ll be uploading said piece of art here soon! Be aware that each character belongs to their respective owner.

In other more Insomnium-Eye related news, we have some publishers interested in publishing Idyll Haven: Crimson Silence! Big news for us! The catch, they want to see the entire script before proceeding, which shouldn’t be an issue on our end. Unfortunately, that means we’ll have to put a slight delay on our other projects, such as our mysterious animation project, and Idyll Haven: Withered skies.

We’ll try to keep you updated on what we’re doing, to keep you in the loop! Make sure to like our Facebook page if you haven’t!



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