Idyll Haven, Facebook, and 2015.

Idyll Haven, Facebook, and 2015.

For the past few months, Edward Echavez, Nazrul and I have been working on the Idyll Haven project. A few months ago, we “completed” the prologue. Unfortunately, said prologue was met with criticism regarding it’s quality, mostly due to the amount of information we were bombarding the reader with, the pace, and the character development.

Due to the criticism and feedback received, we decided to try again, noting all of the feedback acquired. The result, I hope, will now meet the general standard of quality. I’ll be posting the new prologue both here and our Facebook Page later this week, once the cover is complete.

Speaking of Facebook, we’ll be removing several concept pieces as they, like Idyll Haven’s first prologue don’t meet our standard of quality, are out of context, or we aren’t legally entitled to. We’ll also refrain from posting concept art on our Facebook page, as it’ll now be featured here on

Now, on to 2015.
What awaits us next year? What will we be working on?
As previously stated, we’ll be working on Idyll Haven’s volume I: “Crimson Silence”, which I’m hoping will be ready to be read sometime in September. We’ll try to post a chapter here and on Facebook each month, but we’ll save some “extra content” for the printed release.
Other projects we’ll be working on are related to games more than comics. We were working on something earlier this year, but due to outside forces, we had to put it on hiatus until sometime 2015. We’ll keep you posted on that as soon as we have more to show.

Anyhow, we wish you all Happy Holidays, and a Happy new year!


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